Sunday, April 27, 2008


My friend mentioned late last year he choreographs the cheers squad for the all girl Gotham Girls Roller Derby cheer squad and that I should check it out. So one hot summer night we trundle deep into Harlem to see a game. Aaaaaaaand I'm hooked! These gorgeous tattooed metal girls skate FAST, beat the shit out of each other and tear the place down for two hours! And it is one of the best ways to spend 20 bucks.

It's a bit tongue in cheek and humorous (the girls have names like Blue Bonnet Plague, Beyon-slay, Suzy Hot Rod, Gogo BaiBai, etc) but it's a serious thing - there is a team for all five boroughs of New York, and from ther states and they do a year long season. And it's all played to a fine music selection by a DJ spinning Bad Brains, Ramones, Stranglers, Black Flag, etc. If you have the means and you're in town -check it out!