Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok so this is a little hard to capture in words. Saturday night saw the Kaiju Big Battle land in NY.
Think 1950's Godzilla, Ultraman rubber monsters, or even those cheesy battle scenes in really early Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (you know two guys beating each other up in robot suits while destroying a cardboard city) all in a wrestling ring (decked out in miniature skyscrapers) smack bang in the middle of the ornate Webster Hall in downtown Manhatten and you get the idea.

Basically a bunch of bouts involving insanely costumed crazies and robots and royal rumble style match for the world Kaiju Big Battle Championship. Throw in a guy who looks like Dragonball Z in a suit as the announcer, soundtracked by metal bands and anime style pop techno and this is one hell of an awesome night out. It is a very strange phenomen but an insanely popular show as it was a sell out and comes through New York rarely. Oh and the winner was a giant spiked lobster by the name of Call-Me-Kevin..
Maybe check out the site... it'll some it all up!