Thursday, April 10, 2008

Studio B

Studio B is one of those impossibly trendy gig venues in the industrial area of the hipster tragic area of Williamsburg Brooklyn. The parties there are seriously awesome, and you see some great shows for $10. For chump change I've been able to catch CSS, Crystal Castles, MIA, Fiery Furnaces, etc. It's more or less a venue for indie electro bands and DJ's, and is pretty much the size of Melbourne's Palace (which if I am not mistaken was burned down recently). So if you are passing through NY and into that scene chances are you'll see one of your fave bands do an amazing show. Playing Ny always makes bands a bit crazy so you get the goods. I embedded a few YouTube clips (not mine.. sorry their are no really good quality ones available) but they really don't capture the vibe. It's ALWAYS hell crowded and the crowd gets very rowdy.... just watch you don't trip over the hipsters irony and their iphones - they do try SO HARD - bless them!!

CSS (This show was INSANE. I was jammed up in the front row. It was a boiling hot summer night and a storm erupted outside drenching the punters, causing steam to come off everyone. Shit quality sound but they absolutley tore the place apart (their cover of L7's Pretend We're Dead was great.)

Crystal Castles (great show like 8 bit Nintendo and vocals..)